An introvert 39s guide to dating

14-Aug-2016 13:34

Ask open-ended questions, don’t interrupt other people. Make a compromise If you have a relationship with an extrovert, ask him to help you acquire some extrovert traits. For example, an extrovert needs to communicate a lot with other people.

Even if you try to be more open and sociable, you won’t be able to communicate as much as your partner.

There you can devote some time to your hobby, get to know people who share your interests, and even meet a man of your dreams.

Don’t speak too fast Consciously slow down your speech, otherwise you will look fussy and confused.

So let him attend various events without you, and you can spend more time being alone; so each of you will be happy.

Be yourself Most importantly, saying to all introverts: in any case don’t break your nature on behalf of some social attitudes.

Introverts are people oriented towards themselves, inclined to introspection, deep thinking and philosophizing.

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Give her space This is another useful tip for dating an introvert girl. Assign a regular time to discuss plans, problems and considerations about your life together.It is important to understand that introverts and extroverts are very different: they think differently, look at the situation differently, after all, one can even say that the introvert lives (in contrast to the extrovert) in two worlds.One is the real world, and another is the world of his thoughts.For this reason, they avoid noisy, crowded places that they are unfamiliar with.

But not only external borders are important in relations with the introvert, but also internal.

Just learn to be versatile and flexible in life, but don’t break your own essence.