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More and more modern women are turning to the ritualistic cleansing bath to prepare them for their wedding day. Maybe that’s one reason why the Apostle Paul took the cumbersome burden of a woman’s ritualistic bathing and replaced it with something different. The spiritual parallel is that Christ has washed his bride, the church, through His death.

In this way it is not unlike the water the water in ancient that existed during the time of Christ.

I fell in love with him most profoundly as a teacher of a college Sunday school class. A guy can’t grow into a man who will bring the Word of God to your heart unless he is putting it in his heart now.

There I could see that he was able to handle the Word of God. If you’re going to consider a guy worthy of a date, be sure that he knows and loves the Word of God.

[Bonus material from Get Lost.] In the darkness of night a twenty-something woman steps out of her plush towel sheet and dips her toe into a descending stairway leading to a secluded, spa-like pool. Back then, the bride-to-be was making one of many trips to be re-cleansed for her marriage bed.

It is the night before her wedding and she is bathing for it in a special body of water. She would return after each period to be cleansed before she could have sex with her husband. But Jesus said something about “living water” when he was here on earth didn’t he?

This , as the traditional Jew calls it, isn’t for just the traditionals any longer. He told a sinful woman at a well of water, ““If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” HE is the living water.

Now she will be cleansed ceremonially by one thing and one thing alone.

Not water, but the Word…and not before marriage, but as a continual action after marriage.[i] Now the husband is charged with the task of cleansing her with the words of Jesus.

Each dunk cleanses her of her old life and prepares her for a new one as the wife of one man.