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Hayate introduced Ayane to Hitomi, who assumed that Ayane was Kasumi, the girl who Hayate was mumbling about when they first met.

Along the way in the tournament, Ein met up with Hayabusa and Ayane (Hayate's best friend and half-sister), who both wondered if he is really Hayate and Helena Douglas, who talked about the failed Project Epsilon, which confused Ein.After his appearance in Dead or Alive 2, Ein was replaced by both his real identity Hayate, and Hitomi, a friend of Ein who shares the same martial arts style, karate.Despite Hayate being Ein only temporarily, this persona has become a recurring unlockable character in the rest of the Dead or Alive games following his first appearance.In the end, they fight and Helena was defeated by him.

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After the second tournament, Ein finally meets up with Kasumi, Hayate's younger sister and, following Hayabusa's advice, they battled each other.After this, Ein remembered who he was and left for the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan.

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