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07-Nov-2016 07:45

What’s better than the Honor 7x Smartphone’s edge-to-edge screen and 2160 x 1080 FHD resolution graphics? That entails keeping all those cables properly managed inside boxes.

Pew Die Pie’s devout “respect” for his computer’s lustrous locks continues with these velcro cable management straps.

As Pewd’s likes to put it: “verrry nice.” “You feel the power in the click,” Pew Die Pie proclaims while taking his new gaming mouse for a test drive.

Of course we were on that shit like white on rice and so without further ado please allow us to share a breakdown of Pew Die Pie’s desk setup and gear: Being one of You Tube’s biggest celebrities definitely has its perks.

Among those perks is getting first dibs on a beautiful custom computer from Origin PC.

If you want to slay ’em like he does, accept nothing less.

Smooth, thick, comfortable, massive and waterproof, the Reflex Lab Large Gaming Mousepad is ready for all the action Pew Die Pie can throw its way.This includes his new setup tour below which we’ve expanded upon in this article and list of Pew Die Pie’s gear.