The physical rap or kicknap of online dating

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So far, he has done this twice, with middling results despite his best efforts.

The 32-year-old described how the days turned into weeks, weeks into eternity and said when she was 'dying' from the abuse she suffered, her friendship with Gina was the only thing that kept her going.

These are called trauma memories and they are unlike ordinary memory.

They come at night in the form of nightmares.'Castro has admitted that on one occasion Knight told him she may be pregnant and he forced a termination by putting her on a tea-only diet for several days, made her perform 'knee bends' and jumping jacks.'At other times, she interceded when Castro sought to abuse Gina, interposing herself and absorbing physical and sexual trauma.

I don’t think so.' Document: The diary entries speak of forced sexual conduct, of being locked in a dark room, of anticipating the next session of abuse, of the dreams of someday escaping and being reunited with family, of being chained to a wall, of being held like a prisoner of war, of being treated like an animal' Earlier, pictures of inside the Cleveland House of Horrors where they were repeatedly sexually, physically and emotionally abused by Ariel Castro were shown as a detective described how they were tied in chains in the basement and raped.

He talked the court through pictures of inside the home, describing how the back door was equipped with an alarm, a bedspread separated the kitchen and living area, a porch swing obstructed a flight of stairs and a curtain was put over the stairs leading to the area where the women were held captive.

A picture of a handwritten letter was also shown, in which Castro described the horrible things he forced the women to endure when they were in captivity while declaring: 'Bottom line, I am a sexual predator'.

Phil Show." The widely ranging topics on the show include everything from alcoholism and other substance abuse to rebellious teenagers and bad parenting. Phil comes onstage and announces the topic of that particular show.He blamed everything from his stressful job and sexual problems to his history of abuse and his wife for why he became physically abusive, claiming: 'I am not a violent person. 'As God as my witness I never beat these women, I never tortured them, he said.