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05-Jan-2017 05:20

A girl Violetta returned home after living in Europe for a while. I started watching Violetta over the summer, just to have something to watch while I am doodling or doing administrative things that don't require my full attention. It's a telenovela, each show lasts 40 minutes or longer and there are 80 or more episodes each season.She is living with her father because her mom died. She learns about music, friendship, and her dad as well. I prefer shows that are longer and have more content, although in Violetta it is sometimes redundant.En Argentine, Disney Channel Lantin América diffuse aussi un talk show intitulé The U-Mix Show, dédié à la série et dans lequel les acteurs apparaissent.Violetta est une jeune fille talentueuse, timide et réservée, âgée de 17 ans lors de la saison 1 et de 18 lors de la saison 3.No offense, but it feels like they are manipulating us to think like it is good.

Striking out alone, she journeys to the Italian countryside where ...Les épisodes alternent entre problèmes existentiels des personnages et musique, mêlant les histoires des adultes à celles des adolescents à Buenos Aires, en Argentine, et a duré environ 7 mois.

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