Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception destination temporaryqueue not found lonely women dating sits

31-Jul-2016 22:26

The a JMS connection factory was defined as a resource-reference for the specified EJB.Since the connection factory does not support XA, it may not be used inside a transaction context, or an exception will be thrown.

weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception destination temporaryqueue not found-40

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If the weblogic server goes offline I get a JMSException and I then try to close my connections (topic and queue) and then reinitialize all the JMS objects. The server will attempt the connection again later when the JMS resource is actually used.When an EJB, that uses a JMS connection factory as a resource-reference is first deployed, the server tries to connect to the JMS provider.I have created a Connection factory with jndi name 'jms Connection Factory1' and a jms queue with jndi name 'Queue-1' in system

And I write the following code and run on a different system ( JMSException: Connection not found But if I create those same queues in local system and change the url to t3://localhost:7001 in provider url, connectionfactory,destination queue in the same code ;it works fine,the queue in local system gets the sent message.After doing that I am able to receive mesages from the Topic but when I try to send to a temporary queue (created after weblogic was restarted) I get: common.