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20-Apr-2016 21:22

Incandescence from the crater was often observed at night.

Ash fell in several local villages including Badeg, Yeha, Temukus, Besakih (11 km WSW), and Muncan (12 km SW) on 1 January, and Rendang post on 2 January.

An event at 2126 on 17 January generated a plume that rose 1.5 km above the crater rim and drifted E.

An event was recorded at 1944 on 18 January, though fog prevented confirmation of a plume.

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Visual observations as well as seismic, deformation, and geochemistry data indicated that the eruption was continuing, though deformation data in recent days showed a stagnant trend.PVMBG reported that white-and-gray plumes rose as high as 1 km above Agung’s crater rim during 24-25 January.