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19-Nov-2016 08:14

The most common answer I receive for this question is "mike, you can always have both, so why would you even bother asking such an irrelevant question?

" While this is true, I raise the question as a hypothetical, for I feel it may be helpful to those who are unfortunate enough to be faced with such a dilemma.

To wear an unfashionable label is to ride next to trouble on a one-lane highway.

The first factor that must be considered is what is your interest in the girl.The older a guy gets, the more advantageous the dateable guy/girl ratio becomes. At 21, Moshe, along with most of his friends, begins to date.He like most of his friends is in college, has pretty good job prospects, avg.By the time moshe hits 26, the only single guys left besides him, have either turned very modern, have really crappy jobs, or just are otherwise very creepy (or just fears commitment).

Moshe now stands at about the 95th percentile in the dating market and gets set up with the highest quality girls in the 23 to 25 range.Indeed, if a potential shidduch survives this question, the prospect of a first date jumps from inconceivable all the way up to highly unlikely.